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Funding, Finance and Insurance

International Exchange

Tuition Fees

Home and EU students currently in their first year (under the new fee regime) will be charged 15% of their full fee, i.e. £1,350 when undertaking a full academic year on International Exchange.

Students undertaking placements for one semester only are liable to pay full fees for that year.

Home and EU students under the former fee regime who undertake a placement for the full year will be charged 50% of their full fee. Students undertaking placements for one semester only will receive a 50% discount for the semester during which they are overseas, and pay the normal fee for their semester in Cardiff (i.e 75% of the full year fee).

International students are advised to contact the Study Abroad Office for further advice regarding fees.

Students will not be charged any tuition fees by their host university.

Student Finance

Students continue to be eligible for any student finance they would usually receive. It is advised to contact to your Student Finance provider to inform them of any periods of study overseas – it is possible that you will be eligible for additional support.


Students going to North America or Australia will usually be required to purchase Health Insurance for the duration of their stay in the host country. The cost varies from partner to partner but is usually between £500 and £1000 for a full year.

The University automatically provides all students with comprehensive Travel Insurance cover.

Student Finance Travel Grants

Students in receipt of financial support from Student Finance England and Student Finance Wales may be able to apply for a Travel Grant.

Eligible students may receive support towards costs incurred for travel, visas and health insurance.

We recommend contacting your Student Finance body or the Cardiff University Student Support Centre for further information.

Further information can be obtained from:

Student Finance England
Student Finance Wales
Cardiff University Student Support Centre