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Pre-employment screening

Pre-employment Health Screening in the Recruitment Process:

From the Occupational Health perspective there are three categories of job within the university based on assessment of the risks involved in the role. These categories are, from lowest to highest risk: Green, Yellow and Red. Currently, all categories of job have been screened using a pre-employment Health Questionnaire as part of the process.

The process has been reviewed following reassessment of research and forthcoming changes in legislation:

Green jobs

No pre-employment Health questionnaires will be issued after 22 August 2010.

Yellow jobs 

From 1 October 2010 a reduced number of these jobs will require screening by questionnaire.

Red jobs 

These jobs present the most significant risk and by law individuals must be screened and the risk for individuals assessed.  The pre-employment Health Questionnaire for the red group will continue with more modest reductions/changes effective from 1 October 2010.

Following selection of and conditional offer to the preferred candidate, Occupational Health appointments and clearance will still be required before the employment contract can be confirmed.

These changes will help increase the speed of the recruitment process and reduce its cost.

If you have any queries please contact Teresa Falconer Health Centre Manager ext:  70683 or