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About Project Management

What is a Project?

A project is a unique task which is structured and planned from the outset. The project will have objectives which are possible within a given budget and timeframe and must be achievable to a specified quality standard using a defined number of resources. A project may take a substantial amount of time to complete. Throughout a project many ideas and options may be considered, but these are all managed and discussed in order to ensure the most beneficial choice is made. A project may have a team of people who will all have defined roles and responsibilities, they must interact at certain points to discuss and ensure the successful direction and eventual completion of the project.

What is Project Management?

Project management is the effective process of planning, monitoring, organising and managing resource to deliver the required objectives and achieve the expected benefits.

Project Management at Cardiff University

Project management at Cardiff University can be organised into a structured set of phases which form a framework, and these have been organised into five separate stages:

Stage 4


For each stage, optional and adaptable templates are offered to help guide the project team through the processes of a major project or in some cases a smaller project.

The University defines a major project as:

  • a total cost in excess of M£1; (in excess of M£4 for Estates projects)
  • a high risk in relation to the achievement of the University's aims/objectives; or
  • strategically important issues at a University-wide level

Projects which do not meet any of the above criteria may still be deemed ‘major’ if they involve:

  • three or more schools/divisions;
  • significant time constraints/dependencies; or
  • other institutions.

If, at any stage, you are unsure whether your project requires the application of the full Project Management Framework, please contact the Planning Division.

Contact Planning: